Owner Representation

Ideally, Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC becomes involved early in the process of a project/development in order to fully benefit the owner and maximize positive results.  There are numerous “phases” or “services” provided by an owner representative, that packaged together would be a complete Owner Representation on a given project. 

Let Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC help you realize a successful project by implementing most/all of the following services that will help minimize risk, ensure a higher degree of success, remain on budget and schedule while enjoying a positive relationship with your consultants and contractors.  By clearly establishing the expected goals, requirements and needs of the owner along with establishing a realistic budget and schedule, the project will have a much higher potential for success.  There is never a “perfect” project, however through constant and clear communication, any and all challenges will be resolved in a team effort to accomplish the stated goals and expectations.   Each of the “services” offered by MCCS is important and crucial to ensure a seamless and overall successful project. All of these services are offered “independently” for the benefit of the owner, however it would be best to contemplate a complete Owner Representation contract.