Consultant Selections

On any given project, there are numerous consultants that may be needed, including but not limited to:  Soils engineers, environmental engineers, utility consultants, civil engineers, landscape architects, building architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, industrial engineer, process engineer, interior designer, LEED/Energy expert and commissioning agents.

All consultants have various specialties and areas of expertise where they excel.  Making sure to select the correct consultant(s) for a given scope of work and type of project is essential.   Selecting consultants based on their qualifications and competitiveness in lieu of fee and/or past working relationships should be a heavy consideration.  MCCS has been involved with numerous projects where the owner had selected the wrong consultant(s) which end up costing the owner and ALL parties involved time, money and lots of frustration.  MCCS has the experience to solicit and review qualifications, interview the team members that would be assigned to the project and ensure all are the right fit for a given project.   .

MCCS routinely provides scope of work documents for the various consultants to ensure all phases of the project design are accounted for and are not double covered.  Ensuring there are adequate budgets for team meetings, site coordination and contact administration for each of the consultants helps the owner avoid costly over-runs on design costs.