About Monsey Construction Consulting Services LLC

Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC was established in 2002 for the purpose of becoming the “owner’s representative”, advising and representing various developers and owners during the entitlement, design and construction process. MCCS LLC expertise includes new master plan developments, mixed use projects, office, multi-family, retail, industrial, manufacturing, R&D, hospitality, schools (public and private) including gymnasiums and athletic fields, energy upgrades (including PV Solar) and extensive additions/remodels.¬†With Kevin’s background in Construction Management, 17 years of experience on the “contracting side” of the business and nearly 20 years experience on the development/owner side, Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC will be a valuable asset to any project team.

The primary advantages to the owner are that MCCS LLC has experience with a wide variety of clients and projects. We will use this extensive knowledge to effectively manage the detail of the daily activities, while providing summaries to the team along with detail requirements needed of the various team members to complete on-going tasks. The developer/owner is able to focus on the big picture, knowing the detail of the owners scope/goals are being managed, planned, organized and completed in a professional and timely manner.

It is customary that due to the expertise of MCCS LLC in managing the entitlements, design and construction process, that all fees paid to MCCS LLC will be more than recuperated. Project savings are achieved through efforts in efficient hiring of consultants and ensuring that the various consultants, city/utility agencies and contractors never take advantage of the owner/developer through inefficient design and/or construction, excessive change orders or untimely completion schedules.