Document Review

A key aspect to any projects success is making sure the final documents accurately portray the owner’s stated needs and requirements for any given project.  Continual review of the drawings at various stages of design and before final pricing by the contractor is a crucial element to a project remaining on budget and while meeting owner’s expectations.

There is nothing more frustrating to an owner than finding out during the final pricing phase that the drawings don’t reflect specific requirements, systems or materials that were clearly anticipated or various components within a set of construction documents are not coordinated.  With MCCS, you have over 25 years of experience reviewing documents for completeness, accuracy, and coordination between the various disciplines. 

Drawings that are confusing, lacking in detail and/or not coordinated between consultants will bring higher initial pricing along with increased risk of costly change orders and frustration between all parties.  All of these concerns can be greatly reduced by frequent and detailed review of project drawings before final contractor pricing.