Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC References

Jessica Smith, COO Westlake Urban 415-634-8339
Wally Naylor, Project Exec. Pankow Builders 415-850-9559
Russ Nichols, President RMW Architects 408-755-3111
Michael Merle, S. VP Guerdon Manuf. 208-936-5557
Fr. Steven Reuter, Priest SSPX Seminary Project 208-277-8901
Scott Free, CEO Lusardi Construction 760-744-3133
Gigi Chisel, VP Lewis Operating Corp 775-331-6100
Mike Mitchell, Owner Mike Mitchell Mgt. 775-815-5317
Bill Miles, Owner Miles Brothers Construction 775-246-3722
Mike Perry, Owner Wall Street Properties 619-540-6085
Dave Jensen, Supt. of Schools Humboldt County 775-220-9863



..."With Kevin involved, the owner can focus on their own business and not worry about the construction projects day to day operations. Kevin knows costs of construction and components extremely well, is a team player, knows how to keep a project on track, in budget and delivered with the quality all owners should expect." Mike Perry, President, Wall Street Development Inc.

..."His ability to manage and oversee the various building and site contractors, manage weekly meetings along with on-going quality, safety and scheduling was a huge part of our success. Kevin was able to ensure the contractors and their subcontractors did not take advantage of the owner, as his detailed knowledge of costs for all aspects of a project is excellent." Brett Del Valle, Principal, Peninsula Retail Partners, LLC

..."Our firm felt that Kevin's fees were more than justified by the savings and the quality of construction he brought to the project on our behalf. My partners and I felt that having someone that was responsible and dedicated to ensuring that the projects ran as smoothly was of great comfort." Robert W. Carson, Partner, BSA Investments, LLC

..."They have excellent management processes that are a welcome addition to the design team's work. They represent the owner's goals and desires very well. They are supportive of a full design process and encourage creative solutions from the architects, engineers and other consultants. We have done many education projects throughout the life of our firm. I can say that Kevin and Mike understand the process of designing, contracting and occupying educational facilities as well as any management group we have worked with." Max Hershenow, AIA, Hershenow & Klippenstein Architects

..." With his construction management expertise and overall ability to handle virtually any situation, Kevin was incredibly valuable to the completion of the project. There is no doubt in my mind that when I build another commercial project, Kevin will be the first person I call for advice and most certainly engage as the project manager." Steve Hamilton, Chairman-Founder, Hamilton Solar

..."When Kevin was hired, the project was to be completed in one year. Due to difficulties  related to procuring funding and changing the site location, the project took longer than anticipated. Kevin was very flexible during this time, and he extended his contract with us without  making it a huge issue or increasing his cost." Debbie Stallcop, Director of Justice Services, Bonner County Justice Services
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..."The  combination of Kevin's construction experience and  Mike's architectural and owner's representative background gives them a special perspective of  how projects are coordinated, managed and delivered. They consensus-build in a non-adversarial manner whether it be with  the architect or a sub-contractor. Their delivery system is  schedule driven, budget controlled, and performance enhanced. They are definitely unique in their fields." K. Brad Van Woert, III, AIA, Sheehan Van Woert Bigtotti Architecture

..."Mr. Monsey's expertise is varied and extensive with his expertise being in estimating, construction scheduling, and contract management. Mr. Monsey's work on behalf of Carson City School District was of great benefit due to his management of change-order process." Richard Stokes, Superintendent, Carson City School District

..."They have excellent management processes that are a welcome addition to the design team's work. Both Kevin and Mike are great communicators. They represent the Owner's goals and desires very well. They are supportive of a full design process and encourage creative solutions from the architects, engineers and other consultants. They are very team oriented." Max hershenow, AIA, Hershenow and Klippenstien Architects

..."To date, Kevin has managed the preconstruct ion, permitting, construction and close-out for thirteen buildings and approximately 95,000 square feet phased in over three years...We continue to rely on Kevin Monsey's expertise in reviewing tenant improvement plans and Kevin has recently reviewed plans for a future office building adjacent to our site." Gigi Chisel, Vice President, Lewis Operating Corp.

..."Mr. Monsey is a unique, capable and astute construction person and would recommend him to anyone for any project they should encounter...He proved very successful in managing the costs, design and on time completion. George F. Goodspeed, Bently Pressurized Bearing Company

..."Perhaps the most compelling statement on expertise of the Monsey Construction Consulting Service, in particular Kevin Monsey, is his ability to accurately project expenses and to consistently come in under budget...It is without hesitation that I can refer Monsey Construction Consulting Services, LLC to any agency. Dr. David Jensen, Superintendent, Humboldt County School District