Facility Assessments

Whether an owner is considering buying an existing facility or considering a remodel/addition to their current facility, an accurate assessment of all phases of the facility is required.  Without a lot of outside consultants and/or engineering, MCCS can provide a detailed assessment and “budget” of existing facility upgrade needs.  This will include site conditions (paving, concrete, ADA issues, site aesthetics, shipping/receiving needs, parking, etc…), shell construction (walls, glass/storefront, doors/hardware, roofing, paint…), interior finishes throughout the facility as well as systems (HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power, phone/data, security, etc…)

Having a complete and accurate picture of the needed upgrades to any facility or group of facilities is essential in weighing the options between potential new construction on a different site or upgrades/additions to an existing site or just modernizing/improving facilities on a priority basis as money becomes available (as with School Bond/Maintenance projects). 

The information provided and gathered in this process is used for affective management and maintenance of existing assets, identifying growth needs and the associated costs.