Life Cycle Analysis

In order to truly understand the cost of a project, the owner must be aware of the trade off between initial costs and long term “operating and maintenance” costs.  While initials costs are always a concern and consideration, MCCS has the ability and experience to look at long term costs as it relates to useful life, energy consumption, operating costs, and maintenance costs.  The process of making decisions on products and/or systems is completely different when looking at a project owner whom anticipates owning and operating the facility for years into the future vs. the developer that is leasing space to tenants.  For example, the mechanical system for a school facility will most likely be more expensive up front but less expensive to maintain and operate over the useful life of the facility vs. that of a retail multi-tenant facility.

Part of this process is to review the overall projected use of energy and then design a facility that maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing the initial project costs.  Obvious areas of review are the insulation of the roof/walls, window systems, HVAC system designs, electrical and lighting systems, controls and the potential use of green energy (PV solar, Hot Water Solar, ground source heat loops, wind, geothermal, etc…).  MCCS has been involved in numerous energy related upgrades to facilities as well as reviewing and analyzing the benefits of green energy with associated rebates, grants and LEED accreditation.