Kevin Monsey has been involved as the project lead with Contractors and as the Owners Representative from start to finish on multiple office projects with simple to complex office/tenant improvements throughout California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.  Much of the office experience was in combination with individual companies building their new manufacturing/warehousing facilities and some were for developers specifically building office parks.  Kevin has managed millions of square footage in office construction, ranging from 10,000 sf to 440,000 sf, single story through eleven stories.

Various office components were involved in numerous manufacturing company projects.

Representative Office projects managed include:

132,00 SF
(San Jose, CA)
132,000 SF
(San Leandro, CA)
Legacy 101
180,000 SF
(San Jose, CA)
America Center 2
440,000 SF
(San Jose, CA)
DMD San Mateo
128,000 SF
(San Mateo, CA)
Aspect Portland
Remodel-11 story
(Portland, OR)
Nevada Office Building
120,000 SF
(Reno, NV)
Bently Nevada
140,000 SF
(Minden, NV)
Montague Expressway Office Park
220,000 SF
(Milpitas, CA)
DiCon Fiberoptic
40,000 sf
(Richmond, CA)
Redmond East Corporate Center
105,000 sf
Redmond, WA